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LCP - Liquid Crystal Polymers

LCP, Liquid Crystal Polymers, are a family of high performance resins that have a unique structure with long, rigid, rod-like highly oriented molecules. LCP properties are influenced by its liquid crystal structure. Rod-like molecules are oriented in the flow direction during injection or extrusion moulding.

This unique molecular structure results in several exceptional LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) properties:

  • Exceptionally stable and precise dimensions
  • Very high chemical resistance
  • Exceptional temperature resistance of very thin wall parts
  • High stiffness of even very thin wall applications
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • inherently flame retardant

LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymers) allow super fast injection moulding cycles , particularly in thin sections due to its unique structure.

LCP often outperforms ceramics or thermosets at complex thin-walled applications requiring superior heat aging performance. Parts moulded from LCP exhibit very high dimensional stability even when heated up to 200 - 250°C. Heat deflection temperature (HDT) of some LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymers) grades reaches up to 300°C.

LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymers) are available:

  • Unfilled
  • Glass fibre reinforced
  • Carbon fibre reinforced
  • Mineral filled
  • Filler/fibre combinations
  • Graphite filled

LCP is usually selected for a specific application or a specific market sector based on its key properties.

Typical LCP applications:

  • Different electronic and electrical components
  • Lighting applications
  • Fuel and gas barrier structures
  • Sensors
  • Ovenware
  • Stainless steel substitution at medical devices
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